Safe, my foot

So last night at around midnight or so, this happened (photo from my bff Meech).


Jose Reyes pulls a Matt Holliday and is miraculously called safe to end the Phils-Mets game in the 12th inning, 4-3.  Replays of the play at the plate are inconclusive — Reyes could be out, Reyes could be safe.  No one knows except Reyes, Chris Coste, and the ump.  We’ll never know (although apparently in his post game interview, even Reyes was stunned that he was called safe).

On the bright side, Eric Bruntlett played better shortstop, Adam Eaton pitched remarkably well and Cole laid down a gorgeous bunt in the 11th that neither Brian Schneider nor David Wright could field.  Is there anything Cole can’t do?  He probably makes nice, fluffy omlettes and is good at applying sunscreen evenly all over your back too.  [Sigh].

I can’t wait for April 18:  the Hamels-Santana showdown, and which just so happens to be one of the games in my ticket package.

6 Responses to “Safe, my foot”

  1. johndewar Says:

    Grrrr……I knew he was out.

    And from the picture, you can see how horribly out of position the Ump is to make the call.

  2. chasevidwrightley Says:

    As soon as I saw that, I jumped up and screamed “HOLLIDAY!!!” at the tv screen.

    Fuckin’ Mets.

    Hamels’ bunt, however? GLORIOUS

  3. howdoyouspellretard Says:

    The only thing Cole can’t do is anything wrong.

  4. lynniemac Says:

    Looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer for the Hamels-Santana extravaganza. The Mets shuffled the rotation.

    Here’s hoping it bites them in the ass late in the season.

  5. the700level Says:

    he was out! bappy hirthday.

  6. lynniemac Says:

    And one more plunk for Chutley here on Jackie Robinson Day.

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